Secure Your Digital Currency With the High-security Crypto Wallet by Opolo

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Give your digital funds the security they deserve with the clean and secure OPOLO Wallet

With a sleek, handsome design, the OPOLO Wallet is built to accompany you anywhere you go, keeping your cryptocurrency safe and comfortable within. With a security chip rating of EAL6+, the wallet is more than up to the task of keeping your digital funds safe and secure. The EAL rating, standing for Evaluation Assurance Level, states what level of testing and study your product has undertaken. With 7 being the highest level possible and described as having a formally verified design and tested, with a rating of 6 being ‘sem-formally’ verified.

Opolo Cosmoc Digital Crypto Wallet

As with most crypto-based security, the true nature of how secure the device and the funds within are is based on the user and the password they protect their money with. While of course, the wallet would be doing its job, the user isn’t going to be protecting their funds heavily with a password like “123crypto”. Thankfully, due to its beautifully large 3.2inch display screen, the password, no matter the elaborate nature of it, along with the passphrase and address, is easy to enter into the device to unlock and gain access to your cryptocurrency. Completely offline, EAL6+ rated, and compatible with over 120 coins and 200,000 tokens, this wallet gives you the security and ease of use your digital currency deserves.

Key Features

Acting as a password manager as well as a wallet for your cryptocurrency, OPOLO’s wallet is the perfect digital safe house for any of your most important passwords and digital funds.

While the thought of having to submit your password is an annoying feature, especially with devices that have moved past it, the large display screen of this wallet takes away any of that annoyance. While users may be used to opening their phones with their faces, inputting a password easily on the large screen lets you know your funds are safe and in your control.

Keep your funds away from the prying eyes of any evil-doers on the internet with the wallet's 100% offline nature. While people losing the actual device they are holding their funds on is a common issue, internet hackers are a fear for anyone holding cryptocurrency online. Take that fear away with this offline wallet and carry your cryptocurrency bank with you.

Opolo Cosmoc hardware Crypto Wallet


  • If you’re looking for the number one safest option on the market, this isn’t it. While it has a quality certification, the fact is that the testing of this wallet is not up to par compared to others available for purchase.
  • If you are an Apple iPhone user, you might want to look away. Unfortunately, there is no IOS app available, meaning the wallet is only compatible with those users who use an Android App store like the Google Play store.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

One of the easiest-to-use wallets for digital currency on the market, OPOLO’s product is the perfect wallet for anyone who is new to the game and wants a safe and simple security option. Don’t mistake simple for unsafe, though. Despite not being as rigorously tested as some of its competitors, OPOLO has made sure to test this product to a high grade as seen by its high EAL rating.

If you’re in the market for a wallet to keep your digital funds safe and secure and like the idea of its security is in your control, this is the one for you. Whether it’s protecting your money or your passwords, or both, OPOLO’s wallet is simple to understand, incredibly easy to use, and will undoubtedly keep your cryptocurrency secure.


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