Nerf’s Aliens Pulse Rifle Won’t Stop a Xenomorph, but Will Make Sci-Fi Dreams Come True

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If you’ve ever seen Aliens or any sci-fi movie, you’ve probably dreamed of owning some of the technology shown off in the films.

Who wouldn’t want to ride around in a mech suit, battle enemies with a lightsaber, or fire off a ray gun just to watch something get vaporized? While they won’t do much good if Xenomorphs actually made their way to earth, Nerf does have a solution for everyone who wants to get their hands on a pulse rifle.


The Nerf Aliens Pulse rifle might be bright yellow, but it does have a lot of cool features that will appeal to both fans of Nerf guns as well as fans of Aliens. The gun comes in a Colonial Marines style package where you can fulfill your fantasies of grabbing your weapon and heading out to see how you can handle a Xenomorph.

Here’s what makes this weapon so cool to use and wield against your friends in an all-out nerf war.

Key Features

The Nerf’s Aliens Pulse Rifle can fire both Nerf Elite Foam darts as well as Nerf Mega foam darts, so if you have both types of darts from other guns, or want to purchase some ammunition, both of these darts are compatible.

The Nerf’s Aliens Pulse Rifle takes some cues from the movie itself, because the magazine is able to be jammed into the rifle, and the digital readout shows how many darts you still have inside of the weapon. Perfect if you’ve been engaged in a protracted war and don’t want to count your ammo… or run out at a crucial moment!

It comes with over and under barrels for blasting how you want, allows you to use fully motorized fly wheel shooting or pump action blasting, and comes with movie accurate sounds when the trigger is pulled.

However, just like with all pieces of science fiction technology, there are a few drawbacks you need to be aware of. (Thankfully, being eaten by a xenomorph isn’t one of them.)

Product Drawbacks

  • It can only fire Nerf Elite Foam darts as well as Nerf Mega foam darts; all other darts are incompatible with the Nerf’s Aliens Pulse Rifle.
  • The Nerf’s Aliens Pulse Rifle was released as part of a limited edition set, so it does have a timeline where it is unable to be shipped once the limited edition set timer runs out.
  • It can be more expensive than traditional nerf weapons due to its limited status.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

If you like the movie Aliens, Nerf guns, limited edition items, or just the idea of a pulse rifle in nerf form, you will enjoy having the Nerf’s Aliens Pulse Rifle in your collection. It’s a really cool addition to anyone’s Nerf arsenal, and while you might not be blasting away Xenomorphs with it, you can battle and defeat human opponents with your new personal friend.


Adam Lucci
Adam Lucci

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