Display Your NFTs in the Coolest Way Possible With the Holocube Holographic Display

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NFTs are the future, right? Display them as such with this awesome futuristic display!

If you’re the owner of an NFT or multiple NFTs, chances are you paid quite an amount for it. Following that logic, if you’ve paid a small fortune for a unique piece of digital art, then you probably want to show it off in a way that matches the futuristic nature of NFTs. Enter, the Holocube Display by Yanko Design.

The Holocube

The perfect futurist art display to display your futuristic art. From LED Lights to a totally see-through glass cube display, a hidden compartment, and the ability to easily upload your NFT art from your phone to the gadget, The Holocube design by Chenkai Zhang, and the eventual gadget that will come with it, has it all. Don’t rush and get a regular old digital smart frame. Wait and give your NFTs the display they deserve.

Key Features

With a product of the future, like an NFT, why would you waste it by sitting it on the wall like a regular old piece of art? Display digital art with a display that matches the art thanks to this futuristic Holographic Display Cube.

Adding even further to the futuristic vibe of the Holographic Display Cube, as if it wasn’t already cool enough, is the fact that the Hologram being displayed inside the glass cube rises out of the box when activated, rather than just sitting exposed to start with.

LED lights in all eight corners of the gadget really tie everything together. Never will your NFT just sit to the side, unnoticed, in whatever room it is in. With LEDs surrounding it, it’ll catch your eye constantly.

Easily upload your NFT purchases from your phone or other devices and show off as many NFT art pieces as you like.


  • While the LED lights are a lovely touch that really plays up the futuristic vibe of the entire gadget, it’s not implemented perfectly. It would really bring the gadget together if the colours of the LED matched the art being displayed. For example, purple lights for a purple NFT would just bring it to that next level.
  • One of the biggest problems with this product is that it’s reliant on NFTs! A problem for many reasons, especially their impact on the environment, NFTs seem to have faded into the background after they were talked about by everyone for a while.
  • Another issue with this gadget is that it might become outdated quickly. The entire benefit of this product is its ‘futuristic’ style. A gadget that sorta-kinda looks like a hologram will no longer feel very futuristic if its true holographic technology might not be very far away.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

If you are a member of the NFT world and have invested in that world, then this gadget should heavily pique your interest. Sure, there are digital frames readily available. They’re cool. You can upload the digital NFTs and artwork to the digital frame, and it looks like you’ve got a photo frame up on the wall.

Why do you want your NFTs or Digital artwork to look like a regular old photo, though? Don’t you want to set yourself and your unique NFT apart? Well, nothing will set it apart and send your room into the future more than ‘The Holocube’ Holographic Display for NFTs from the mind of Chenkai Zhang.


Max Delaney
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