Give Your NFTs and Cryptocurrency the Safety They Deserve With the New and Improved Ledger Nano S Plus

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One of the best lines of Crypto wallets just added a bigger, better Crypto Wallet.

If you spend time in the world of Crypto, you would have undoubtedly heard of the impressive library of related products and gadgets from Ledger. Unless you’re really clued in, though, there’s every chance that you might not have heard of the Nano S Plus. If the title hasn’t given it away, the Nano S Plus is the bigger, better version of Ledger’s Nano S crypto wallet. From a brand, you can trust and with an EAL5+ certified secure chip, if the brand is not enough for you, this is certainly one of the best products in its category that you can buy.

Ledger NANO S Plus

Thanks to its larger frame, the screen size of the Nano S Plus makes it far easier to navigate and verify transactions than the previous Nano S or similar gadgets. More than that, with a bigger size, thankfully, comes more storage. The Nano S Plus allows users to store up to 100 applications simultaneously and lets you manage over 5,500 digital assets at any time. Moreover, you can now send and sign any NFT transactions with complete transparency thanks to Ledger Live. If you’re looking for a secure and multifaceted crypto wallet, you shouldn’t ignore that LEdger Nano S Plus.

Key Features

Thanks to a larger product and along with that, a larger screen, users can enjoy a far more enjoyable experience than previously. I mean, nobody likes fiddling with something that is annoyingly small – bigger is always better.

Enjoy complete customisation of your crypto experience and use what you like with the ability to have 100 applications installed on the Ledger Nano S Plus at any one time.

Allowing users to manage more than 5,500 digital assets, the Ledger Nano S Plus lets you do what you need to do when it needs to be done. There will be no wasted time managing and moving your assets so that your wallet can hold them.

Enjoy a stress-free life (at least related to the safety of your crypto) knowing that your new crypto hardware wallet is certifiably secure. With EAL5+ certification, your digital currency is in good hands.

Anyone who purchases this gadget will be quite happy with what arrives in the box with the Ledger Nano S Plus. Most people won’t need to buy any accessories to go with their new wallet. Coming in the box with the product is a USB-C cable used to connect the device to your computer, a card explaining the upgrades from other products, a card that reads "Trust Yourself", a very important folder that holds secret recovery sheet cards, am instructions list as well as a Ledger keychain and stickers.


  • While the device allows its users access to 100 apps simultaneously, that doesn’t mean it is perfectly compatible with every single coin out there. While the vast majority, like bitcoin, etc, are fine, some like FTM are difficult to use with the Ledger Nano S Plus.
  • This might make this product an invalid option for some people. However, for others who prefer to have no external connection opening them up to hackers, it will be a giant bonus. The Ledger Nano S Plus does not use Bluetooth.
  • Another one that will rule out this gadget for some, this gadget is not compatible with iOS. It doesn’t matter whether you try to use it with your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, the Ledger Nano S Plus will not work with any of them. For you, Android people out there, have at it!

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

The crypto wallets from Ledger are all some of the best crypto-holding gadgets on the market. They are all safe, secure, easy to use, and compatible with a long list of apps. The Ledger Nano S Plus takes all the good things from those and adds a greater sized gadget along with a bigger screen. Where is the downside?

While there is quite a bit of text explaining the drawbacks of the gadget, they only affect a certain group of people and, if you’re unaffected by them, will not hamper your experience at all. If you hate the idea of having a very small crypto wallet, like to have something you know is in your pocket, and enjoy all the benefits we’ve been through, then it is as good a product as you will find on the market.


Max Delaney
Max Delaney

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