Keep Your Security Stylish With Layer’s ‘Trove’ Wallet for Digital Currency

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A piece of tech from the future, the Trove Wallet keeps your digital currency safe and elevates your accessory game.

Sitting comfortably on your wrist or resting against your chest, Layer’s Trove is a must-have for any security-conscious owner of digital currency. An attractive and simple accessory, don’t mistake Trove’s looks for a lack of security. You can trust this miniature device with your ever-important digital currency. Much like you keep your money tucked away safely in your savings account, the Trove keeps your digital earnings safely tucked away in the smartest way possible.

TROVE Hardware Wallet

If you’re worried about how to keep your digital currency safe, you should be! However, you don’t have to fret as the owner of a Trove. Unlike other products that demand complex passwords that you will either forget or need to write down, the Trove has a bit of magic up its sleeve. Studying your heart rate through its ECG sensor, the Trove uses your specific and personal heart rate pattern as the password to the device. As long as it is connected to your wrist, you’ll have access to your digital funds through its easy-to-use smartphone app. Lose your Trove or take it off? Never fear, without your heartbeat, it’ll be locked up safe and sound.

Key Features

The Trove Makes it quick and easy to spend your digital currency. Sitting securely on your wrist and connected to your smartphone through Bluetooth, you can easily access your funds through its intuitive and simple app.

Being hacked is a common fear of those with digital currency. With a Trove, it should be the last thing on your mind. The Trove stores your funds offline, on the device, rather than online. In doing so, your digital currency is safe from any online hacking.

Your currency is kept secure by your heart. The device is unlocked by the in-built ECG sensor, meaning only your specific heartbeat pattern can unlock the Trove. Unlike its competitors, you will not need to write down or studiously remember a complex password to keep your funds safe.

Induction charging stand makes it easy to ensure your Trove is full of battery when you’re heading out.

TROVE FinTech Fashion Digital Wallet


  • While it is only a secondary benefit to the device’s security over your cryptocurrency, the Trove by Layer won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. To get the most out of the wearable, it will either sit on your wrist or chest, neither of which are easy to hide if you don’t like how it looks on you.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

If you are a holder of crypto, bitcoin or any other kind of cryptocurrency, then the Trove Wallet is almost a must-have. Nothing is more important than keeping your funds secure and Layer’s Trove wallet is better at doing that than most products thanks to the fact that it holds your funds away from the prying hands that are waiting to take a swipe at your system through the internet and all the holes that come with it. Sitting safely on the hardware, your cryptocurrency is safe and sound while it waits on your wrist, ready to be spent.

Layer could be excused for having a clunky smartphone application or if the device was difficult to use or charge. However, it is none of those things. The Trove easily connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth and the app is easy and simple to use, as is the fashionable charging stand. From every angle that you look at it, the Trove is a product that all digital currency holders should purchase. The device has been in the prototype stage since 2018, but it should be snapped up as soon as it truly releases.


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