It can be frustrating if you get stuck in a Wi-Fi blackspot slowing your internet speeds on your phone but the arrival of the Eero 6 could end this nightmare.

Built to support the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology, the Eero 6 is a signal booster that improves the range and speeds of Wi-Fi connections to devices anywhere within the house.

It can boost internet speeds up to 500mbps and cover a range of up to 5000 sq.ft ensuring that you can get a strong connection no matter where you might be in your home.

Not only does it boost internet speeds, but there are also a host of features that makes the Eero 6 a worthwhile addition to your home such as:

  • The hub is built with a Zigbee hub that can help the booster to connect and work with smart home systems such as Amazon Alexa to help you sync all your devices through one platform.
  • As a high-performance signal booster, it can utilize dual bandwidth properties meaning that up to 75 devices can benefit from its signal use at any given time.
  •  It also works with a companion Eero app allowing you to change settings from your smartphone and also view the actual performance of the booster in real-time across different areas of your home.

By boosting the Wi-Fi signal throughout your home, the Eero 6 will ensure that you will always enjoy a strong Wi-Fi signal even in the worst blackout spots imaginable.

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