Leaving your gate or garage door open can be a scary thought when no-one is home but the launch of the Remootio 2 control system can ease your fears about this nightmare.

The Remootio 2 works as a door sensor and remote locking system installed to the top of the door allowing you to monitor security at all times.

The remote sensor can send alerts straight to your smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi ensuring that you get alerts as soon as something doesn’t seem right at home.

Alongside the ability to send alerts direct to your smartphone, the Remootio 2 has heaps of other features to help make operating it straightforward such as:

  • It has two output relays allowing the system to work in conjunction with other opening systems meaning you don’t have to worry about uninstalling any other operating devices.
  • The kit comes with a separate cable to connect it directly to your door meaning you don’t have to search for any extra cables to attach it.
  • The 5V power adapter works directly with Australian sockets meaning that you won’t need any extra adapters to use the system.

By giving you direct control over your security, the Remootio 2 means you can be away from home all day long without having to worry about intruders breaking into your garden or garage.

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