Dirty or stuffy air can cause you headaches and make a room feel unpleasant however the SAKI Air Purifier has been launched to help you combat this around the house.

The SAKI Air Purifier has a fan-powered system that automatically adjusts its speed depending on the air quality in the room whether it is unhealthy, moderate, or healthy.

Its internal filtration system can filter out up to 99.7% of unhealthy pathogens at a rate of 0.0005% per 0.01 microns of air to ensure that everything you breathe in is of good quality.

To ensure you get the full benefits of the SAKI Air Purifier, the system has a host of smart features to make it a great addition around the house including:

  • The body of the device has LED’s to indicate the current air quality in the room following a traffic lights system (red =bad, orange=moderate, green= healthy) to indicate how things are progressing.
  • The power indicator flashes red when the filter needs changing showcasing it in a clear and easy-to-see display allowing you to change filters and allow the device to work at optimal performance.
  •  Weighing in at just 5lbs (2.2kg), the device is light enough to place anywhere in the house making it useful to have in your lounge, office, or bedroom.

By removing almost all nasty bugs from the air around you, the SAKI Air Purifier will ensure that you can relax comfortably at home all day and night without ever feeling stuffy again.

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