Shine A Light On Intruders With The Mr. Beams NetBright LED Spotlight

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It's always pivotal to have good lighting around your house to alert you of any movement during the night and the Mr. Beams NetBright LED Spotlight has been designed to do just that.

A freestanding spotlight, the NetBright LED Spotlight is powered by an LED bulb that comes with a brightness rating of 200 lumens and covers an area of up to 400sq. ft.

Along with this decent range, the body of the spotlight has built-in motion sensors to detect any object that comes within 30ft of the device and covers an area of up to 120Ëš.

Key Features

The entire spotlight setup is completely wireless meaning that it can be installed anywhere around your property in just a few minutes without any electricians needed.

It has a built-in shut-off time of 20 seconds to ensure that the battery and the bulb are not used any longer than necessary and also prevent energy from being wasted.

With the shut-off feature activated, the 3 D-cell batteries needed to power the device have an estimated lifespan of a year and are suitable for use all year-round.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

With good lighting coverage and battery life, the Mr. Beams NetBright LED Spotlight is a great investment to help ensure that the external areas of your property are always protected from unwanted intruders during the night!

Adam Lucci

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