Always See Who Is At Your Door With The DB1C Video Doorbell

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There are numerous hi-tech ways to ensure your house remains secure but the EZVIZ DB1C Video Doorbell has come up with several impressive features to help you monitor everything on one platform.

Built with full Wi-Fi compatibility, the EZVIZ DB1C Video Doorbells are able to connect with smartphones and tablets to give you a direct feed of who is arriving at your front door.

With a fully working 1080p camera, the doorbell can scan at a 170Ëš vertical basis to ensure that you can see everything from the ground to the roof of your doorway.

Key Features

The camera has built-in motion sensors and AI algorithm to identify human body shapes to make sure the alerts are triggered by trespassers or strangers. Would prefer if you edit this to avoid misunderstanding.

It has a built-in microphone inside the body allowing two-way conversations with guests to identify who the visitor and the reason for their visit to your front door

The doorbell's casing has a full IP65 certification meaning that is fully waterproof and able to operate all year round in any conditions including rain, wind, or snow

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

By embracing technology and being fully durable, the EZVIZ DB1C Video Doorbell is a great way to ensure that you always know who is knocking on your front door all year round.

Adam Lucci
Adam Lucci

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