Easily Display Your Most Stylish NFTs With the Tokenframe NFT Display

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Tokenframe’s NFT Display makes it incredibly easy, intuitive and fast to turn your NFT gallery into a personal art gallery.

The Tokenframe NFT display is the photo frame of the future. Available in four distinct and beautiful colours, the frame is just the start when it comes to what the Tokenframe NFT display has to offer. With over 50 wallets integrated into the Tokenframe app, anyone with an NFT gallery, no matter the wallet, can access their NFTs and display them on the Tokenframe NFT Display. Once you’re connected to the app, users can control the border width, colour power, volume, brightness and more all from their phone.

Tokenframe NFT Display

As with most NFT displays or digital photo frames, the Tokenframe has an anti-glare screen. What sets it apart from most competitors, however, is its 2k and 4k resolution, as well as being built for audio. Whether it’s a video, family photo or unique NFT, the Tokenframe NFT Display will take it to the next level and display it in its best state.

Key Features

Even in a world where being easy to get started is a benefit of most gadgets, the Tokenframe NFT Display makes it incredibly simple. All you have to do is plug it in, connect the Tokenframe to your WiFi network, access your wallet and cast it to the Tokenframe display. Done. It couldn’t be easier. Along with that, the integration between your phone, and your NFT gallery and casting them to the NFT display is just as easy.

Display, edit and control your art instantly with the ability to cast your NFTs from your phone to Tokenframe Display – Here is a list of some controls you have over your NFT from your phone. – power (on/off) – show NFT contract info & QR code (on/off) – volume & brightness control – WiFi settings – energy saving schedules – customizable slideshow

Energy saving schedules – Nobody needs to have a digital art piece playing while nobody can see it, so can conserve energy and set times for your display to be on and off automatically.

Choose as many NFTs as you'd like and place them into a Slideshow Group. Decide on the order of the artwork and choose how often each piece will switch to the next piece (1 min, 5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins, 30 mins, 1 hour)

Everyone is trying to hide their power cord. Tokenframe says to make it part of the art. There is no way to make it invisible, so Tokenframe includes clips so that you can change the shape of the cord and turn it into its own piece of art as it snakes up your wall.

Tokenframe Stylish NFT Display


  • With good quality comes a high price, and the Tokenframe certainly brings that. While this 21.5” version comes in at $777, it is the second cheapest (and second smallest) Tokenframe. In comparison to some simpler competitors, it isn’t too badly priced, but it isn’t exactly cheap.
  • Despite having access to more than 50 wallets, it is bound to not have one that is the only one you may use. Most people will just connect their wallet and be done with it, however, for those unlucky enough to not have a compatible wallet, that will unquestionably be a massive negative.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

The Tokenframe is an awesome gadget. Personally, it is the perfect combination of a futuristic device that I want to put an NFT into, and something that still resembles a regular old picture frame that a nice family photo would slot nicely into, depending on the mood.

If you’re someone who doesn’t need variety and just wants to show off that new badass NFT monkey you just purchased, the Tokenframe NFT display is still a good option, but it might not be the best one. If you’d like to switch out images regularly and change the vibe of your room, then this is the gadget for you.


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