Jump Into the Future With the Corazon Titanium Crypto Hardware Wallet From Gray

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Protect your digital funds with the Fort Knox of Crypto Wallets

If you want to protect your digital currency, crypto and bitcoin with the best you can buy, then look no further. The CORAZON Wallet, a collaboration between Gray and Trezor, is one of the best wallets for crypto that you can grab on the market today. More than just a wallet, the CORAZON is also a security keychain and digital safe for all your passwords and other important digital things that require the best protection.

Serving as a password manager for your digital accounts (no more password changing because you forgot it!)The CORAZON is fully transparent. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean it won’t protect your product. What it does mean is that you can verify its integrity, search for areas in which it is vulnerable and suggest improvements to the designers. Built for safety both inside and outside thanks to aerospace-grade titanium machined to form the body of the CORAZON, the result of each millimetre of the gadget being poured over by Gray’s craftsmen is a light, strong and iconic gadget.


Key Features

Keep more than just your cryptocurrency safe and allow yourself to move around both in real life and on the web with peace of mind. The CORAZON will keep your crypto and digital account passwords safe and sound.

Really get to know the product you use. Thanks to complete transparency from Gray, you can completely investigate and verify the security qualities of the CORAZON. With nothing to hide and the products value as the number one importance, the open-sourced nature of the CORAZON allows complete trust.

Keep your keys safe and sound within the CORAZON. Letting you use them safely, your keys will sit completely isolated within the device.

The CORAZON is a beautiful device no matter what colour you choose to purchase it in. Clean, crisp with defined and handsome edges, it is the perfect light and super strong digital wallet to keep on you at all times.

Thanks to its tamper-resistant design, the gadget is made to be secure from outside interference. Secured in the middle with a screw with the joint filled in with resin, which is then hardened with UV light, it’s almost impossible to crack into the device without breaking it.


  • While all the above sounds great and like a top-tier product, it comes at, as expected, a top-tier price. The cheapest version of the CORAZON is the aluminium varian, which comes in at $600 USD. As for the Titanium versions, they come in at $999, $1499 for the stealth version, and $1999 for the Rose Gold and Gold versions.
  • The CORAZON does not support every type of coin.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

While another product might suit you better, due to the type of coins you prefer or have the most of, the CORAZON is one of the best digital currency wallets on the market. The safety of it, transparency to its users and design of it make it look and act like the best crypto wallet on the market.

However, it does come at a handsome cost. To own the best, you have to pay for the best. In the case of the CORAZON, you have to pay upwards of a thousand dollars. While that might be okay for some, for others, it completely rules out owning it. If you can fit it into your budget, use your crypto regularly, take care of your passwords and get the most out of it, you won’t find a better product on the market.


Max Delaney
Max Delaney

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