Turn Your TV Into a Beautiful Artwork With Samsung’s 43-inch ‘The Frame’ TV

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Sick of your powered-off television ruining your beautiful living room's collection of Art? Elevate your room when with The Frame.

Televisions are great for watching things but, for the vast majority of the day in which it is just sitting there on a black screen, it can be a bit of a black hole sucking joy out of an otherwise beautiful room. With the Samsungs 43-inch ‘The Frame’ TV, your favourite thing about your new TV won’t be how well it shows your favourite movies or sports, it will be what it does when you’re not watching it.

With just one cord, ‘The Frame’ excels in a minimalist design. Whether you plan to sit it against the wall like a picture frame or on a platform like a regular TV, the benefit is the same. When you’re not watching TV but are in the room with guests or just reading a book, the television will display a variety of beautiful art pieces from Samsung’s library of Artwork. Worried about power wastage? Don’t stress. ‘The Frame’ senses when you enter a room. If there is nobody in the room with the television, it will be in standby mode until its beautiful art showcase is needed. If you like a more personal touch to your household decoration, Samsungs 43-Inch television has you covered there too. Using your smartphone or USB storage device, you can upload images to your television, allowing it to cycle through the images you’ve chosen.

The Frame

Key Features

If you can’t tell from the featured image, you may be asking yourself what the difference is between this TV and the one you have. Surely you can just set up your TV to play through your photos in a slideshow. You’re right. You can. What sets ‘The Frame’ apart, though, is the frame surrounding the device. Slim and minimalistic, when it’s showing art, you will have a hard time telling the difference between a framed piece of art and the television.

You can completely personalise what the television showcases. Want to show off pieces of art you couldn’t afford in a million lifetimes? It can be done. Prefer to show off the photo of your grandchildren you took last week? ‘The Frame’ will show it beautifully while you potter around the house.

Don’t worry, you’re not restricted to just the one colour of the frame on the television. That would kind of defeat the purpose of the TV. No, you can purchase ‘The Frame’ in multiple colours to fit your aesthetic.

More than the artistic benefits, the Quantum processor 4k is more than up to the task for any HD viewing. It will be your favourite purchase both when you’re sitting down to watch it and when you’re not.


  • Unfortunately due to the small amount of storage on the television for images (500mb), only around 75 images can be uploaded to the television. While this will be more than enough for some people, it will be a drawback for others.
  • A high percentage of user reviews, even those that rate the TV highly state that the store used to find and download art to showcase, could be much more intuitive and faster to load.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

There is one key question to ask yourself before buying the Framed TV chrome Samsung. “Am I looking to buy a TV or a Photo Frame?” This is important because this isn’t the best TV on the market. If all you want is the best TV, this isn’t it. On the other hand, if all you want is a photo frame, then there are cheaper options out there.

If you aren’t someone who really cares about having the best picture for movies or the best framerate for gaming, and you’re looking for a digital display to liven up the room when you aren’t using the television, this is the product for you. Able to fit any aesthetic and elevate whichever room it sits in while being more than up to any TV task you need it to complete, The Frame 43-inch TV from Samsung is a wonderful digital art display and television.


Max Delaney
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