Step Into the Digital Age With the Mono X7

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An incredibly thin digital canvas, the Mono X7 is the perfect addition to those seeking elegant digital art.

Sometimes just framing your beloved NFT just isn’t enough. There are a million different smart frames and digital picture frames out there that will allow you to move your NFT or digital art from your phone or other devices to the frame and display it in your home. But, you’re not quite ready (or just don’t like it) for a holographic futuristic display like the Holocube. Well, the Mono X7 by FRAMED is as cool as a simple framed digital canvas can be. An insanely thin 5.5mm panel and weighing only 1.5kg, the Mono X7 is a 17.3-inch studio display combined with a mini-computer. Made to display the best of photography, web experiments, illustrations, dynamic visualisations and generally encapsulate the spirit of digital creators worldwide, the Mono X7 is the perfect combination of the digital age, elegance, beautiful design and your chosen display piece.

MONO X7 NFT Frame black

A digital canvas that looks like it has been taken straight from Cyberpunk 2077 or Ghost in the Shell, the Mono X7 not only looks awesomely futuristic but possesses an incredible screen to match. A full-HD 1920×1080 17.3-inch display with anti-glare technology, a 180° viewing angle with the capability of showing of more than an incredible 16 million colours. Ready to fit any space or vibe thanks to the variety of colours the acrylic Prisma frame comes in and seamless app integration, it’s the perfect digital canvas to show off your NFT in the style they deserve.

Key Features

Enjoy an incredibly designed and beautiful-looking digital canvas, able to suit any room it sits in. You won’t have to stress about the Mono X7 standing out or fitting in. It can do both. A seamless frame coming in various colours, the Mono X7 can stand out as much as you like, or seamlessly slide in to suit your established decor.

Easily connect to the Mono X7 through the Framed app. This is where you can upload your art or NFT to the Digital Canvas. Don’t stress about slow uploads or a long learning-curve thanks to this easy-to-use mobile app.

Enjoy your NFT in all its glory, from anywhere. Thanks to millions of vibrant colours, a full HD resolution, an anti-glare display and a 180-degree viewing angle, no matter where you are looking at your Mono X7 from, you’ll have no issue enjoying your art.


  • It’s easy to find a digital art display if you’re looking for one these days, and they can easily be found for less than $400 or so. Unfortunately, the Mono X7 will set you back $699. In reality, the Mono X7 is just a more aesthetic, cooler looking Digital Photo Frame. Despite enjoying how it looks, paying almost double the price of a regular Digital Photo Frame just for a more aesthetic and stylish gadget isn’t going to be something some people can rationalise.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

There is really not much to not like this gadget for. In terms of what it is; a cool digital canvas for your NFTs, photos and art, it seems to be a truly fantastic product. A fantastic size that is neither too big or too small at just over 17-inches, multiple frame colours, and awesome display quality, there is nothing from the Mono X7’s list of specifications not to like, even when looking for it.

If the aim is to display your NFTs in a digital display that matches its futuristic vibe and makes it the centrepiece of whichever room it sits in, the Mono X7 is a perfect choice. With seamless app integration, easy setup, a generally great display and the ability to combine photos, videos and custom backgrounds to take your art to the next level, the Mono X7 is the choice for anyone looking for an NFT display that’s more than just a generic digital smart frame.


Max Delaney
Max Delaney

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