Keep Your Drinks Warm with the Glowstone Smart Mug 2

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Do you hate when you brew a hot cup of tea or your delicious morning coffee and forget about it when you get busy during your day?

By the time you remember your tea or coffee is cold and gone to waste, but what if that didn’t have to be the case? Now, there is the Glowstone Smart Mug 2, a mug that will keep your drink warm for an entire hour at the perfect temperature.

Keeping your drink at a piping hot 62 degrees Celsius (145 degrees Fahrenheit), your coffee or tea will never be skulled cold anymore. You can happily go about your day and sip occasionally your favorite hot beverage instead of looking at the time hoping you catch it at the right temperature. With a light bar on the base of the mug, you have a clear indicator for when your drink is perfect for you to drink, keeping your drink optimal for an entire hour. The heating of the mug is entirely automatic, taking away the issues of forgetting to press a button to enact the heating technology.

There are many other features to the Glowstone Smart Mug 2 that make it the ideal mug for you and as a gift for others.

Key Features

The best cup to drink either tea or coffee out of is a cup made out of fine bone China, therefore, the Glowstone Smart Mug has been built out of this material to enhance your morning beverage experience, improving the taste from day one.

Cleaning your Glowstone Smart Mug 2 is a complete and utter breeze for all, whether you use dishwashers or wash by hand, your Glowstone Smart Mug will clean beautifully either way.

There is a smart mug for everyone from those who love classic mug colors like white and beige, to mugs in pink, blue and even in a honeycomb design for those who like a different style of mug.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

If you work from home or just enjoy a hot beverage that you don’t have to rush to drink, there is nothing better than the Glowstone Smart Mug 2, either for yourself or a gift. These mugs are absolutely perfect for the coffee or tea lover in our lives.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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