Grill To Perfection with the Phoenix Pit and the Blackstone Gas Conversion Kit

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Do you absolutely love grilling outside and using charcoal to enhance the taste of your food?

While yes, tossing your charcoal into the grill and just cooking is a great way to go, moving the charcoal around and heating it evenly wherever you want outside is even better. You are in need of the Phoenix Pit Electric Charcoal Starter and the Blackstone 5249 Natural Gas Conversion Kit.

Yes, you can purchase each of these separately, but pairing the Phoenix and the Blackstone together is going to increase your grilling game above others. The Phoenix Pit is the ideal wide heating element for your charcoal grill, with the large handle you will be able to move the charcoal coals around, heating them evenly to keep you warm and keep your food cooking above it. With the metal lip, you are able to hook the Phoenix Pit onto the side of any grill for an easy and hands-free experience. Pairing it with the Blackstone Gas Conversion Kit, you will forever have an unlimited supply of natural gas to keep your grill going long into the night.

There are many benefits of pairing the Phoenix Pit and the Blackstone Gas Conversion Kit as well as amazing features to both that transcend any other pair of grilling equipment.

Key Features

The Phoenix Pit is completely eco-friendly as it is made out of a reusable metal that is incredibly durable for a long time after a single purchase. The Phoenix Pit is a one-time investment made for often use.

The Blackstone Gas Conversion Kit is incredibly easy to install, as there are detailed instructions provided upon purchase, and you do not need engineering skills to be able to install the gas conversion kit.

Both of these products can be used for any grill and barbecue. You will not need to worry about compatibility as they are both as easily installed and used with any grill or barbecue you already own.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

There are many ways to ensure that you grill with extreme precision and incredible quality, using both the Phoenix Pit and the Blackstone Gas Conversion Kit, you will be able to grill to your heart’s content, enjoyed by all.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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