Brew On-The-Go with the Kopipresso Brewer Mug

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Are you a coffee lover? Or maybe even considered a coffee addict?

Regardless you are always looking for the newest innovation in the world of coffee and coffee brewing. Now, feast your eyes upon the Brewer Mug, the portable coffee maker, ready to take your world by storm.

There is nothing better than portable mugs, being able to transport your favorite drink from work to home and keep it warm all at the same time. But after coffee has sat for a while the taste tends to be a step below the flavor of freshly brewed coffee. The Brewer Mug is your portable coffee maker, using circular extraction brewing technology you will be able to recreate your favorite coffee within minutes wherever you are.

There are many features to the Brewer Mug that make it the most ideal coffee maker for any coffee lover.

Key Features

As the most ideal coffee maker it saves on space, as being the size of a mug on your countertop or even desk means you can make your coffee wherever you are. Gone are the days of walking over to a coffee machine, or booting one up in the cold morning, now you can simply pour in water and you are on your way to the best coffee.

The Brewer Mug is compatible with whatever form of coffee you prefer to drink, whether it is from grounds or a Keurig K Cup®, your favorite coffee can be used wherever you are.

If you are someone who loves to brew a hot cup of Joe in the morning but enjoys sipping on it throughout the day, the Brewer Mug is for you, as its inbuilt thermos will keep your coffee warm for up to 6 hours, can be taken while travelling and even has an insulating sleeve that will provide extra protection for your drink.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

There is nothing better than being able to pick and choose when and where you’re going to brew your next cup of coffee, and the Brewer Mug is the perfect addition to the gadget collection of any coffee lover.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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