Albi is a smart wine dispenser that uses the latest preservation technologies so you can enjoy your wine until the last drop.

An opened bottle of wine tends to lose its taste and quality just after a few days. What’s more frustrating is dumping that bottle inside the fridge until it becomes undrinkable. But that’s before I came across Albi.

Albi Premium Smart Wine Dispenser uses Smart Bags & preservation technologies to preserve your wine for up to 6 months after opening the bottle.

Smartest Wine Dispenser

Albi works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri Shortcuts. Ask it to pour you a glass or recommend the wines in Smart Bags that are about to finish. Smart Bags are used to store wines in your fridge, so you easily take them out when you want to enjoy them at optimal temperature. Its multilayer structure blocks the passage of UV rays and oxygen into your wine which helps in the preservation of your wine for 6 months.

With Albi’s added portability, you can now preserve and enjoy your favorite wine 6 months after opening them – anywhere and anytime.
Indoor and outdoor gatherings are fun with wine. Albi Premium Smart Wine Dispenser adds elegance to your gatherings which is why it deserves a 5/5.

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