The Xtender Set lets you monitor the cooking temperature of all kinds of meats during the cooking process right on your smartphone.

Sharing a great meal is a good way to bond with friends and family. Since I love cooking for my guests, I tend to spend more time in the kitchen than with them, since I have to make sure that the meat is neither under nor overcooked. Thankfully, The Xtender solves this problem.

The Xtender Set provides you with real-time temperature data right on your smartphone to achieve grill mastery over time.

No More Guessing with Xtender 

This cutting-edge smart thermometer gives accurate temperatures to ensure juicy and tender meats, without the guesswork.

Cooking any meat now made easy with this smart meat thermometer. Built wirelessly, so you won’t have to deal with tangled wires or worry about accidentally touching something hot. And it is very easy to use. Just simply stick it in when you start cooking and wait for the mobile notification when your meat is done or set alerts for your cooking temperatures.

For its versatility, The Xtender Set is definitely commendable. This is the perfect cooking tool for all types of cooks out there, so this deserves a 5/5 rating.

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