Grind, brew, and drink your freshly brewed coffee anywhere and anytime with Beanque Portable Coffee Maker, no barista skills needed.

I take my coffee very seriously. And as an on-the-go person who’s obsessed with coffee, making a fresh cup of brewed coffee at home takes time. Lining up in coffee shops can be time-consuming and costly, too.

Beanque solves that problem. The Beanque 3-In-1 On-the-Go Automatic Coffee Maker allows you to grind and brew a fresh cup of coffee, giving you that superior bean-to-cup experience.

Versatile and Portable Coffee Maker

Making a cup of fresh coffee requires a lot of accessories. Don’t worry if you don’t have that barista skill; with Beanque’s one-touch design, it will automatically grind your coffee grounds, creating that perfect brew. Along with that, its handheld reusable mug will keep your coffee hot, perfect for commuters and travelers.

You can charge Beanque from a power bank, laptop, or car chargers via Type-C adapter. No need to charge it every single time because its built-in 1200mAh battery holds up to 10 times of continuous use. It’s impressive how you can brew so much with its size.

The Beanque 3-In-1 On-the-Go Automatic Coffee Maker deserves a 5/5 for its functionality and portability.

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