Live Out Your Monster Truck Racing Dreams With the Bezgar Large Size Off Road Remote Control Hobby Car

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Who hasn’t wanted to get behind the wheel of a monster truck and just let loose?

Jump hills, floor the gas, and take advantage of the large wheels and durable frame to take on anything that Mother Nature places in your way? Well, not everyone can drive a real life monster truck, but with the Bezgar Large Size Off Road Remote Control Hobby Car, everyone can get behind the remote of one and live out their dreams on a smaller scale.

This truck comes in a 1:16 size and is as realistic as possible. That also includes the truck’s durability, because the entire chassis is made of nylon- a synthetic thermoplastic linear polyamide. The nylon is resistant to abrasives, chemicals, and more, and is also elastic and insulative as well. As you move this truck around and drive it into obstacles, it will be better able to withstand the hazards of daily use.

BEZGAR Large Size Off Road Racing Hobby Car

Plus, just like how a real monster truck has some serious power behind it inside of the engine block, the Bezgar Large Size Off Road Remote Control Hobby Car has a massive engine as well. It is equipped with a type 390 brushed motor which gives a lot of horsepower to the truck. That also places a lot of horse power in your hands as you use the remote controls. Compared to other remote control trucks, you will be zooming circles around them thanks to the higher speed and acceleration, even on rougher terrain.

Here are some other benefits that the Bezgar Large Size Off Road Remote Control Hobby Car has to offer you.

Key Features

The LED headlight will automatically turn on the second the remote control truck is switched on. The headlight has been designed to shine brightly, and can even help you determine the location of the truck and illuminate terrain while you are driving around with it in the dark.

The truck, while not waterproof, can withstand small water splashes from puddles. However, if it is submerged in water, then the truck will automatically power down and will need to be fully dried out

It has a better speed and acceleration when compared to similar remote controlled trucks.

It comes with a 2.4GHZ radio system for the remote, which has a remote distance of 250 feet. Along with easy to understand and simple controls.

However, the Bezgar Large Size Off Road Remote Control Hobby Car has a few problems that prevent it from being the perfect remote control car.

Product Drawbacks

  • It cannot be submerged in water, which can be a problem if you race it in water or after a heavy rainstorm
  • The battery and the charger can sometimes run out of power after the first charge
  • While the car is durable, repeated impacts can cause problems for the internal parts

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

The Bezgar Large Size Off Road Remote Control Hobby Car is a great remote control car for people who are looking to get into the hobby. Additionally, this can also be a great car for people who just want a remote control car that will resist some rough driving and will allow you to drive it around rough terrain at high speeds.

Go ahead and give this car a try. If you’ve got places to drive the Bezgar Large Size Off Road Remote Control Hobby Car around safely, and you want to test the car out and see what it can do, it can provide a whole lot of fun!


Adam Lucci
Adam Lucci

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