Take The Best Photos Of Your Life Without Touching Your Sony A7r With The Zoe Zetona Drone

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Acecore Technologies latest Zoe Zetona drone can hold the Sony a7R, one of the best cameras on the market, for almost half-an-hour, giving you plenty of time to take jaw-dropping photos.

Weighing in at just under half a kilogram, the Sony a7R isn’t heavy – but for a small drone that looks like it shouldn’t be able to fly itself, it’s quite the feat. Not only does it hold the camera – it makes it easier for it to take photos without blur, while it sits on top of a drone. Able to stay almost completely still while hovering in the air thanks to its four or eight oversized engines, the Zoe Zetona drone is a photographer’s best friend.

Zoe Zetona Drone AceCore

Stressing about how you’d control the camera and the drone while it’s in the air? Don’t worry. Able to access the complete settings remotely, you will have complete control of the Sony a7R while it’s hundreds of metres away.

Key Features

Able to stay completely still while you take mid-air photos thanks to its multi-engine system.

Keep full control of your Sony a7R camera while it’s in the air as the settings are accessible remotely.

Take as many photos as you like without worrying about time as the Zoe Zetona Drone can hold the camera for up to twenty-five minutes.

Drone is optimised for single or dual operator setups.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

If you’re already the owner of a Sony a7R camera, a photographer or have thought about buying a drone and camera to take out and take cool photos just for fun, this is the setup for you. If you’re going to do it, you may as well use the best.

The ability to fly the drone and take photos as it goes for twenty-five minutes is immense when compared to its competition and is as good as it gets in this market.

Max Delaney
Max Delaney

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