Watch Along In 4k As Your Drone Soars With The DJI Rc Pro Drone Remote Controller

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You can earn any view you want, without the hike or dangerous heights with the RC Pro Drone remote controller.

It’s all well and good to fly your drone, taking pictures as you go – coming home and looking through to find anything worthy.

With the RC Pro controller, you can see everything your drone sees in 4K Resolution and 120fps, as it flies through the air. This beautiful and clear display, smooth and stable flying made possible through the latest-generation processor and an O3+ transmission system makes for the cleanest viewing and flying experience possible. Further exemplifying the crisp display is the ability to use third-party apps to edit and share your captured images or video.

DJI Rc Pro Drone Remote Controller

Key Features

View, capture and record what your drone sees as if with your own eyes thanks to the high frame rate and beautiful resolution of the RC Pro. Whether you’re making movies, taking photos or want a birds-eye view, this Drone Controller is for you.

With simple and accurate control sticks, the RC Pro Drone Controller maneuvers slickly. You will find no issues of blur or shot composition with the smooth flying of your drone.

With a display as large as the iPhone 13 mini and slightly smaller than the Nintendo Switch’s 6.2 inch screen, you’ll have no issue comfortably watching through the eyes of your drone for hours on end.

Strong, sturdy and comfortably heavy in your hands, you’ll feel at home holding this controller. Nobody wants the safety of their drone or what it has captured in the hands of a flimsy, light controller that feels like a toy. The RC Pro feels like a drone controller should.


  • This drone controller is only compatible with the DJI Mavic 3, DJI Mavic 3 Cine and DJI Air 2S drones.
  • At well over $1000, the price of this remote drone controller is steep for what it does. While it may be worth it for you and your needs, be sure to confirm the controller is compatible with your drone.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

The RC Pro is as good as it gets in the world of drone-based photography and filming. With a large 5.5inch display, beautiful 4K resolution and easily controlled drone, the RC Pro drone controller has everything you need to capture footage from the highest peaks to the lowest valleys, all from the comfort of a park bench, your blanket or wherever else you choose.


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