The Autonomous Underwater Swimming Drone By Draper & Spout Studios

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Made to find and pick up microparticles of plastic, this AUV with the ability to swim could be the answer to the growing, and seemingly irreversible plastic problem in Earth's oceans.

Able to swim through and clean almost ten metres deep, the drone takes in water and plastic matter as it goes. Not only does it detect and suck in plastic, Draper & Spout studios drone analyses it too. Releasing any clean water that it draws into itself, this drone doesn’t get weighed down and needs to slow until it runs out of battery. When that does eventually happen, it can quickly refuel with its special charging hub. While it will need to develop its deep diving ability and have governments take notice, this little drone could be a huge help in the cleaning of our planet.

Draper Underwater Vehicle Swimming Drono

Key Features

Skims across the water nine metres deep

Can analyse the contents in the water so it doesn’t take in anything other than the desired plastics

Quickly recharges in its floating charging hub.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

What’s not to love? This isn’t a pair of shoes or a new kind of razor. Draper & Spout studios have made a real step in the world of drones and their ability to help clean up our planet. With the immense amount of plastic in our water, anything that helps should be recognised and backed – this drone looks like it could be the real thing.

Max Delaney
Max Delaney

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