Step-up your Drone photography game with the exceptional Autel Evo Nano +

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Tiny yet mighty, the Evo Nano+ from Autel Robotics is the perfect addition to the life of anyone who enjoys photography.

Weighing only 249 grams – that’s about the same as a smartphone or a hamster and about half the weight of an American Football – the Nano+ is small enough to fit in your pocket. Incredibly convenient, be it walking around the city or in the small compartment of your bag when you’re hiking, the Evo Nano+ is perfect for anyone who likes to take a quick photo.

Don’t worry, it’s size… and the fact it is a drone, doesn’t take anything away from the power of its lens. With a 48MP camera, able to record in 4k at 30fps and a three-axis mechanical gimbal to minimise vibration, the image and footage recorded is reliable, no matter what the environment.

Able to capture images in low-light conditions with aperture of f/1.9 and track objects through its PDAF + CDAF autofocus system, there is no task too big for this tiny champion. Able to snap detail-rich images of a setting in shadow or highlight thanks to the HDR mode, if you need or want a photo taken from anywhere you can’t, won’t or don’t want to reach, the Evo Nano+ is the perfect option.

Evo Nano Plus Drone

Key Features

Because it is super lightweight and wastes no space in its make, anywhere you go, the Evo Nano+ can go along with you. Whether it’s your pocket, backpack, travel bag or glove compartment, the Evo Nano+ makes it easy for you to photograph on the go.

Download your recently captured footage easily with the ‘superdownload’ feature. Just place your phone and Nano close together to download your videos and photos at 160Mbps.

Able to fly for 28 minutes continuously, the Evo Nano will give you plenty of time to get the perfect shot. The perfect photo can take some experimentation and in almost half-an-hour of airtime, you’ll be able to try any new tricks you desire.

Take photos of anything in any kind of light. Thanks to the camera’s HDR and tracking capability, there is no environment that is too dark or light and no object too fast fo the Evo Nano+


  • At almost $1,500aud, the Evo Nano+ isn’t something you can purchase on a whim. It’s for this reason that it is in no man’s land when it comes to the drone photography market. Any serious photographer who uses drones regularly would opt for a bigger more powerful model, while anyone less serious would take some convincing to buy it at this price.
  • Because of its weight, or lack thereof, the drone can struggle in windy conditions. Despite features that claim it should be stable, it is a common complaint of users.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

For the average user, this is an incredible product. Compact and light, you can take it with you everywhere you go and whip it out when need be. Whether it’s for a romantic photo with your partner when no one is around to ask or a group photo that needs some distance to fit everyone in, this drone is a marvel. However, at its price point, only the most devout hobby photographers, or those early-on in their careers would seem to opt for the Evo Nano+.

Nonetheless, if you’re in the market, you won’t find a better product that ticks all the boxes that the Evo Nano+ does.


Max Delaney
Max Delaney

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