Ride All Over With The Roadster Urban eBike!

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If you want to ride all over town in style, then you need to check out the Roadster!

This is an innovative urban eBike that is designed to make riding all around town super easy. You’ve got lots of features all built into the bike, and it is designed to support its rider first and foremost. The main benefits of electric bikes are that they can run on electric power as well as pedal power, allowing you to avoid being extremely sweaty whenever you are riding to work or to a special location.

The Roadster Urban eBike

It’s a lot more fun than you would think to push a button and zip down the street while only having to steer your bike, and it can also make pedaling up hills and other harder streets easier. The electric motor provides a lot of pedal assistance to your legs, so you don’t need to fight with the bike to get to your location.

There are a lot of benefits to getting an electric bike in general, but even more benefits come with getting the Roadster Urban eBike.

Key Features

It comes with integrated anti-theft security. The Roadster Urban eBike comes with an integrated quicktether cable lock that is connected to the Tiller App. It also comes with a built in alarm and a GPS tracker. If the alarm is armed and someone tries to move your bike or actually manages to steal it, you will be able to track your bike anywhere using the Tiller app’s ‘find my bike feature’.

The 756 Wh (21Ah) lithium ion battery is one of the best batteries on the market, which lets you go 80km whenever it is assisting you. The battery is also locked into place whenever the bike is armed, preventing the battery from being stolen.

It also comes with lots of other safety and convenience features. These include auto starting front and rear lights, a USB-C charging port, hydraulic disc brakes, and wide tires suitable for all weathers and wind speeds.

The battery can get to 100% charge in eight hours. Charge the Roadster Urban eBike battery all night and then ride the bike all day in the streets!

However, with as great as the Roadster Urban eBike is, there are a few drawbacks that most consumers need to know about the bike.

Product Drawbacks

  • It can only be ordered in Western Australia, Perth, and Melbourne, with other locations needing to petition to be included in the ordering
  • It is expensive and costs just under 5,000 AUD
  • Is not available to customers outside of Australia at the moment
  • Still needs to be pre-ordered and is not commercially available.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

If you are looking for a powerful eBike to help you get over hills, move through rough terrain, and provide some extra power whenever you are traveling through urban areas, then the Roadster Urban eBike is the eBike for your needs. It has all the safety and security features that will work for you and your needs, and if you can get your hands on one it will work for you.


Adam Lucci
Adam Lucci

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