Step Up Your Accessory Game with the Nerbon’s Forged Carbon Fibre Glow Rings

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Step up your game with the Nerbon-forged carbon fibre glow rings.

If you’re an avid ring-wearer, a wannabe ring-wearer or just think these look pretty dang cool, they might be the next addition to your ring collection.

These rings are stronger than steel, using forged carbon fibre. Carbon fibre is a material, but it is the process of heating and pressuring the Carbon fibre, which is then pressed between layers of resin, that makes it ‘forged’. This is also what makes it so strong and gives it its elegant and attractive marbled appearance.

What makes these rings special, is the fact they charge under UV and sunlight. When exposed to these lights, the coloured part of your ring will glow brightly in your chosen colour. This gives the rings a special, almost sci-fi feel and really separates them from any ring you’ve had before.

Nerbon Forged Glow Rings

Key Features

The forged carbon fibre these rings are created with means these rings are all-but indestructible.

Every ring is unique. The forged carbon fibre leaves the rings with a marble pattern. The marbling on no two rings is the same.

Charging under UV and sunlight, these rings glow brightly in six colours, red, green, aqua, blue, orange and white.

Incredibly strong, unique and glowing, what’s not to love about these rings? Whether you want it because it glows, or it’s the strength of the forged carbon fibre that speaks to you, or you just want it to sit on your windowsill and stay forever charged, there is something in it for everyone.

No matter the person, Nerbon’s forged carbon fibre glow ring is a worthy addition to any wearable gift collection.

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