Enjoy A Peaceful Power-nap With The Hammaka Pammock

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Finding a comfortable spot to enjoy an afternoon nap is no easy feat but the Hammaka Pammock looks to address these issues for anyone in need of a break.

With a single cell structure and a length of over 2 m, the Hammaka Pammock has been designed to meet the needs of all individuals regardless of their age, size or gender.

The inflatable cell can act as a standalone sleeping bed whilst the detachable hammock straps can transform the set-up into a hammock that can be placed in both indoor and outdoor locations

Key Features

To maximize comfort, the inner lining is made from polyester that is easy to relax on and is also stretchy to help adapt the sleeping cell for the individual's mass and height

It is rather sturdy with the hammock having a 136kg (300lbs) weight limit and the hammock straps are made from an aluminum wire to help take the weight when suspended in the air

The entire set-up is easy to store with the entire contraption coming with a bag to store it in whilst the hammock straps tuck away in pockets on the side of its body when being used as a sleeping pad.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

With the ability to double up as both a portable sleeping bed and a hammock, the Hammaka Pammock is a great 2-in-1 set-up that can allow you to relax for hours and let the world drift by.

Matthew Croft
Matthew Croft

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