There’s nothing better than enjoying a nice, peaceful sunny afternoon lazing the day away and the DoubleOwl Hammock could be just what you need to help you unwind throughout the summer.

Made from parachute nylon, the DoubleOwl Hammock is suited for use in any outdoor setting and can hold up to 2 people or a weight load of 226kg (500lbs).

With 9ft suspenders on either side to connect it to trees, posts, or other static objects, it is a perfect resting tool to hang in the garden or the local park.

Aiming for users to enjoy a peaceful rest, the DoubleOwl Hammock has a host of quirks that make it the ideal lounging around accessory with some features including:

  • The stitching between each material face is triple interlocked to give it extra strength when holding more than one person on there at any given time
  • The nylon material is fast drying and easy to clean making it easy to reuse should you get caught out in an unexpected shower.
  • The entire ensemble is easily foldable and stored in its bag making it easy to take on trips to the beach or on a weekend away.

Being strong, light, and comfortable, the DoubleOwl Hammock is the perfect way for you to relax and watch the world pass you by during a warm, sunny day.

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