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Enjoy Safe Drinking Water Anywhere With The WaterWell Filter Bottle

When travelling, having a drinks bottle with you is an essential item but it can be risky having to refill in mother nature however the WaterWell Filter Bottle could be a vital lifeline in a crisis.

As the name suggests, the 700ml WaterWell Filter Bottle has a unique 2 stage filter system designed to prevent bacteria and parasites that live in the water.

WaterWell filters 99.9% of bacteria and parasites from any fresh water source such as rivers, lakes or suspicious hotel taps! This happens instantly and is filtered as you suck through the straw – no waiting involved!

Key Features

The entire setup is reusable time and time again meaning you can use it multiple times for trips without having to worry about wasting the bottle or harming the environment.

The bottle is extremely lightweight to carry and has a carabiner on the lid to help it attach to backpacks and rucksacks when hiking or walking long distances.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

By removing nasty chemicals and easy to carry, the WaterWell travel bottle is an essential item to have handy when venturing for a weekend away in the countryside.

Adam Lucci

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