Haier TAB smart vacuum robot mop has an anti-winding blade brush roll that delivers non-stop hair removal for hassle-free cleaning around your house.

Removing hair from your vacuum’s brush bristles can be time-consuming. Time wasted can be spent on doing other household chores, that’s why it is ideal to invest in a good smart vacuum that does both jobs like Haier TAB.

Haier TAB Tabot is a smart vacuum and robot mop that sucks up any type of dirt, debris, and hair on your floor with cool mopping features.

Game-changing Smart Vacuum Robot

Thanks to Haier TAB’s anti-winding cutting technology, you won’t have to go through the mess of removing hair from your brush roll. And with its added mopping features, it is easier to clean your house without much effort.


  • 3200Pa of suction power
  • Detachable handheld vacuum
  • 230ml large capacity water tank
  • Alexa and Google Assistant compatible
  • SLAM + LDS navigation method

Haier TAB lets you clean the house automatically even if you are away from home. With just a few taps on the “TATA Future” app, you can remotely monitor this smart vacuum robot and maximize its functions.

Overall, I would recommend Haier TAB Tabot for its game-changing cleaning experience.

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