The Oura Ring Generation 3 Is the Future of Wearable Devices

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Ever wanted an all-in-one tracking device to help monitor your sleep, workouts and recovery all while no one knows you’re wearing it?

Celebrities from Kim Kardashian all the way to Prince Harry already own and wear this very device. Beyond celebrities, its health-tracking features convinced the NBA to purchase 2,000 of them for their athletes.

Say hello to the Oura Ring Generation 3. Using state-of-the-art LED technology, this ring can track your sleep, recovery, heartbeat, temperature, and period with more on the way with future updates.

With four different finishes (silver, gold, black, and stealth), you can start tracking your life with Oura no matter your style preferences. You’ll also be sent a sizing kit initially so you can guarantee the ring will fit.

Forget the daily charge, a fully charged Oura ring will last four to seven days. In just 80 minutes, it’ll be fully recharged.

Pairing to your phone via Bluetooth, you can start tracking with the Oura app. You’ll get 6 months free membership with your initial purchase. Over time, Oura will start providing personalised advice based on the metrics it records so you can perform your best day to day.

There are a lot more features to come, meaning this device will only get better.

Key Features

Get a holistic and continuous view of your health with this lightweight yet durable, titanium ring that comes in four different finishes.

One charge = four to seven days of battery life. The Oura Ring Generation 3 is fully charged again in just 80 minutes.

Store more data with more accuracy compared to the Generation 2 model with 32x more memory and 3x as many sensors.

Track your sleep, recovery, heartbeat, temperature, and period all-in-one. Future updates will include O2 blood saturation tracking, sleep stage tracking and more fitness features.

Prioritise rest and recovery with personalised recommendations based on your metrics and guided meditations.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

The Oura Ring Generation 3 is the one ring to rule your overall health. Get a holistic, 360° view of your sleep, activity, rest and more simply by wearing a ring. Whether you’re a fitness junkie or just someone who wants to monitor your health, you’ll be craving the Oura Ring Generation 3 just like Gollum.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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