Open Locked Doors Without A Key With the NFC Ring OPN

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What would you say if we told you that you could open your front door with a ring instead of a key?

It might sound (and look) like magic, but it’s true. Thanks to the same technology we use to make contactless payments, your front door key has been made redundant.

NFC Ring has designed a ring aptly named OPN that allows you to open NFC-enabled doors, no key required. When this ring comes near the NFC device in the door handle, it magically unlocks without you having to do a thing. You don’t even need to charge it, NFC gadgets don’t require power.

Available in black and white, you can open any door in style with the NFC Ring OPN. Made from a hypoallergenic, scratch-resistant ceramic, this ring will last you well into the future. It’s water and dirt resistant too. There’s more to it than just opening doors though.

If your phone is NFC enabled, you can unlock it just by holding it with the same hand this ring is on. Paired with the NFC Ring app, you can share information, send links, write text and more to another NFC device. You can even program in your own actions with an NFC tag writing app.

Key Features

Open an NFC-enabled door just by having the NFC Ring OPN nearby without the need for a key.

Open locked phones, send information, links, write text and more to any NFC device nearby. Write your own applications to do even more with an NFC tag writing app.

Available in white or black, you can choose the best version to suit your personal style.

Made from hypoallergenic, scratch-resistant ceramic for a long-lasting effect.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Perfect for anyone looking to simplify one more part of their life, the NFC Ring OPN eliminates the need to carry your keys, unlock your phone, and so much more.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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