Leaving lights on unnecessarily is one of the biggest causes of waste power every year but you can now avoid this problem thanks to the launch of the C Smart System by GE Lighting

Available in both wired and wireless forms, the C Smart System is a one-touch switch that allows you to control the lights in a room simply with one click of a remote.

The remote connects to the switches via Bluetooth to communicate commands directly to one another meaning you can switch lights on and off without having to get off your chair.

Like many smart home devices, GE Lighting has loaded the C Smart System with a host of features designed to make use extremely simple with some examples including:

  • The switches and remote can work independently for each room meaning that you don’t have to worry about managing all the lights from room to room
  • If you are in a large room and need multiple switches, the remote can be paired with multiple switches allowing to manage everything without needing any extra devices
  • The switches are easy to install with the wireless switches simply sticking to the wall to ensure that they can be used almost instantaneously.

With its one-click focus, GE Lighting’s C Smart System is an easy and straightforward way to ensure that you never forget to switch the lights off ever again.

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