The nodpod weighted sleep mask is comfy and one of a kind. Whether you are sleeping or relaxing, the nodpod can keep you calm.

Sleep masks never do the trick for me, and I have been looking for the right one. When I caught wind of the nodpod, it piqued my interest.

The nodpod is a weighted sleep mask that comfortably forms to your face for a good night’s sleep.

Anyone who struggles to stay asleep or even get some relaxation during the day could benefit from nodpod. I got it for sleeping purposes personally but have been using it to lounge around the house in peace.

The nodpod is carefully crafted.

  • Nodpods elongated, strap and Velcro-free design, can lay freely over your eyes or secured with its pull-through slit
  • Microbeads contour to your face for a total light-blocking experience 
  • Hollow ends for head resting comfort in any sleeping position
  • Jersey cotton cool side, microfleece warm side
  • Stays soft and flexible out of the freezer
  • 4 equally weighted pods filled with scent-free, machine washable microbeads  

Each aspect is designed for comfort.

Looking at it, it is hard to tell what it’s like. When I tried it on, I was immediately comfortable, and sleep was easy.

I learned right away that it does not matter which way that you lay down. The hollow ends and strapless design make the nodpod comfy no matter what. The two weeks I have used it has been the best sleep of my life. Since starting using the nodpod, I no longer have to dread sleepless nights. I recommend it highly.

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