The Queen/Full-Fit Cool Cotton 20 lbs. Weighted Blanket gently forms to your body providing total comfort and relieving any stress for a great night’s sleep.

I have been searching for a weighted blanket for weeks now.  When I saw the Queen/Full-Fit Cool Cotton Weighted Blanket 20 lbs., I knew I found the one.

This weighted blanket is made of soft, breathable cotton that forms to your body for ultimate relaxation.

People that have trouble sleeping could benefit from this weighted blanket.

I got it for sleep but have used it to relax throughout the day.

Every detail of this blanket contributes to its efficacy.

  • 20 lbs.
  • Soft cotton
  • Glass microbeads
  • Comes with link to tranquil sounds

This weighted blanket is all about relaxation.

When I saw it, I could tell it was as soft as it is heavy. When I actually used it, total relaxation washed over me.

Right away I realized this is good for going to bed as it is lounging around the house. After two or three weeks of use, the Baloo 20lb Weighted Blanket. is just as effective. 

Now, I can sleep comfortably or just relax and enjoy the gentle weight this blanket offers. 

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