Imagine, Create and Learn with the ClicBot

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Do you have kids that just have imaginations that run wild like you’ve never known an imagination to run before? Or maybe your kids are incredibly hands on and want to work hard and build things. The ClicBot is the best choice for you and your family.

The ClicBot is a buildable robot that fosters and flourishes childhood development and continues to advance their ideas, bringing together imagination, creativity and hard work. Being easy to use for all ages with one type of buckle, your child will be able to build their ClicBot in any way they so choose. This allows children to continue to grow their robot without any prior learning or knowledge, letting them and their imagination run free. 

There are many other benefits and features that come with the ClicBot Kit that makes the robot desirable for people of all ages;

Key Features

There are three levels of difficulty and challenge for the robot. The Starter level comes with 50+ different robot designs that can be played around with. Intermediate gives you the ability to learn from the ClicBot Academy so you can build and design your robot with reference, and the Pro level which comes with weekly challenges to help broaden your horizons and increases creativity that you didn’t know you had.

With the purchase of the ClicBot, you will also have access to the ClicBot premium membership which comes with video courses to help learn how to build and code the robot, downloadable content and the best customer service for all your needs.

The videos aren’t only informative, but they are fun to watch, which keeps children interested whilst they learn. Kids are so easily distracted, so with fun and engaging videos you’ll find that your kids are more involved and ready to learn.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Robots are fun and kids of all ages tend to gravitate to the world of the unknown. ClicBot is a fabulous way to engage kids into imaginative art and foster their creativity in a teachable and educational way, while also having pure and innocent fun.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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