Manage Those Pesky Weeds with the Tertill Weeding Robot

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Do you hate weeding and the constant maintenance of your back garden?

You probably spend a lot of time trying to keep your garden beautiful and free from weeds, but no matter what you do, weeds just keep coming back. It can be very frustrating! That is why Tertill was invented. Tertill is a solar-powered weeding robot that will live in your garden all season long keeping weeds from taking over. All you have to do is push the button, there is no programming required. With a Tertill in your garden, you can have more time for the fun parts of gardening like planning, planting and harvesting – let Tertill take care of the weeding. Imagine being able to have a garden full of fresh healthy vegetables without having to spend hours on your hands an knees weeding! Gardeners of all ages will fall in love with Tertill.

Key Features

Tertill is solar powered so you don't need to charge it or change any batteries.

It stays outside in the garden from spring through fall weeding every day in short intervals that add up to over an hour a day. The only maintenance is to change its whacker string when it gets worn down.

The robot has specially designed wheels that churn up the soil killing weeds as they start to grow. If any do manage to sprout, Tertill chops them down with its string trimmer. There are no chemicals used!

Tertill's weatherproof shell lets it stay outside through all kinds of weather. If your plants can take it - so can Tertill.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

There are many gardening tools on the market that can change the game for producing beautiful plants and enhancing the growth, however, not many companies look at maintaining and managing those pesky weeds that only continue to grow. The Tertill Weeding Robot is the perfect device to beat this annoyance for all gardeners out there.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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