No More Hot Dogs! Cool Down Your Best Friend Instantly

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If your beloved pooch finds the summer heat too much, or they overheat when walking, a SGODA dog cooling vest might be the perfect treat!

Designed with doggy convenience in mind, the SGODA dog cooler jacket delivers instant coolness. You just have to soak the vest, put it on, and let evaporation do its thing as the water turns to vapor. The mesh allows the chill to be applied directly to your dog’s skin without them being constantly wet.

It’s comfortable, lightweight and easy to get on and off! A fantastic accessory for hot dogs big or small. We’re talking Huskies, St Bernards, Malamutes, or even your Labradors, Dalmations and Terriers. Every breed can benefit.

Key Features

Although the cooling function is the number one goal, the SGODA dog cooling vest also protects their skin from harsh sunlight. It means they are exposed to fewer UV rays and sunburn, keeping them healthy and happy.

The lightweight vest is designed for activity. So you can confidently let your pet run around at the park, or laze around in the backyard. Whatever the adventure, this can handle it.

There is no wet dog smell. A middle layer of absorbent cotton ensures no water makes direct contact with the dog’s fur. They benefit from the cooling water vapor in a breathable fashion.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Too often we find ourselves watching our dog try to cool themselves down on a hot day. There’s only so much that can be done when they also have to go outside to the toilet. That changes with SGODA’s dog cooling vest. Briefly wet it, slip it on, and you have a dog that’s cool, happy and ready for anything!

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