Keep Your Pup Safe and Trained with the PetSafe® Stay & Play®

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Do you have an extremely stubborn pup that is difficult to train? Do you want to help train your dog to play and run around in eyesight?

Sometimes dogs don’t respond to our voices and it can be difficult but with the PetSafe® Stay & Play® you can help train them to respond to your calls and stay close.

When it comes to persistent and stubborn pups, it can be tricky to train them and give them the freedom to run around and play. With the PetSafe® Stay & Play® you can remove the need to build a fence to keep your pet in eyesight. With wireless technology you will be able to keep your pet close using the collar provided with the transmitter. Your pet will now learn the boundaries you give them, giving them the chance to go run around while also come back to you with ease. You can also purchase multiple collars if you have more than one dog.

There are many features to the PetSafe® Stay & Play® Wireless Fence that make it great for your stubborn furry friend.

Key Features

It is completely portable as the Stay & Play® is made out of a small transmitter, the collar and flags to keep your stubborn pet within eye sight. The only thing you will need to find is a power outlet to plug in the transmitter and you can take your Stay & Play® wherever there is an outlet.

If you are uncomfortable in static electricity around your dog’s throat (which is only recommended for heavily difficult dogs to train, while there is 5 levels some aren’t comfortable with it), there is tone-only mode which will help train your dogs without additional force.

If your pooch adores running through puddles, the PetSafe® Stay & Play® is entirely waterproof so your dog can safely play through puddles, small rivers and even outside in the rain.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Keeping your pets safe is incredibly important, and with the PetSafe® Stay & Play® you will be able to both train and keep your pooch safe all at one time.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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