Entertain Your Cats with this Interactive Scratching Board Game

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As a cat dad, I know how frustrating it is to catch them scratching the furniture.

The bed, the couch, even the carpet, cat claws dig in to make a big mess. Thankfully Cheerble’s interactive smart cat toy is the board game your bored cat needs to stop.

With one mini billiards table design and another quirky interactive maze, there’s plenty to entertain a curious cat. The durable surfaces support natural instincts for playing and attacking. It’s the perfect kind of cat toy for your home as it fits in seamlessly without taking up too much space!

The Cheerble cat board game will definitely entertain furry friends while you’re at work, too, so you can come home and enjoy some content cat cuddles.

Key Features

The Cheerble board game is made for even the toughest cat claws. The sturdy materials can outlast scratching, kicking and biting to ensure the playing continues month after month.

Creativity and curiosity are important, even for cats. This is an interactive toy that keeps them moving and engaged. Whether it’s the billiards ball or the maze and pom-pom, they will be engaged and stress-free.

As a contained cat toy, your board game will keep sharp claws away from furniture. You can easily focus their attention and train any pet to play in a safe area where lounge suites will not be damaged.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Cheerble has created a glorious toy perfect for any cat, kitten or elderly. You can even maximize the fun of the billiards board game with the Cheerble Ball, a quirky automatic cat toy with LED lights and unique modes. It’s the kind of fun that will certainly keep your cat’s claws away from the furniture. Trust me, it does for mine!

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