PitPat Dog Activity Monitor – The Simplest Way To Track Your Dog’s Fitness

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Looking for an easy way to monitor your dog's physical activity? The PitPat Dog Activity Monitor is here to help.

Caring for man’s best friend is no easy feat. Whether it’s their diet, accommodation, or physical health, staying on top of your doggos wellbeing is essential. Fortunately the PitPat Dog Activity Monitor is here to make things a little easier when it comes to your dog’s fitness.

Tested and developed specifically for our canine best friends, the PitPat Dog Activity Monitor discreetly sits on your dog’s collar where a three-axis accelerometer registers and records all your dog’s activity. This means you get all the nitty and gritty details, so you know if and how your beloved pet is keeping fit.

Discreet, light, with a snug fit while fastening, PitPat makes attaching your monitor a hassle free and secure procedure. Whether it’s a swim, sprint, or chew, PitPat’s robust yet lightweight construction keeps up with your dog’s energy so you don’t have to!

The PitPat Dog Activity Monitor ensures you’re on top of your dog’s fitness. Chock full of other helpful features, discover more further.

Key Features

PitPat’s cutting-edge algorithm provides an extensive description of your dog's activity. Showing what type of activity they're getting, how much they’ve moved, how far they’ve travelled, how many calories they’ve burned, all on the handy PitPat app.

The PitPat activity monitor is designed to live on your dog. With a robust, fully waterproof construction, this means no more chasing up lost or damaged devices.

The activity monitor features an easily replaceable CR2032 battery that can last up to a year. Unlike many other activity monitors, PitPat’s sustained battery life means you don’t have to worry about it for a long time!

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Keeping your dog fit and happy has never been easier with PitPat’s Dog Activity Monitor. Tracking the individual activity of your dog, with a variety of other helpful features, this really is the simplest way to track your dog’s fitness.

Adam Lucci

Adam Lucci is the father of Kaiser 🐕 and currently living in Melbourne, Vic. Adam enjoys writing reviews on the most trending and coolest released gadgets. Adam is also an experienced lifeguard at Watermarc Belgravia Leisure, and his opinion on health and fitness gadgets comes with careful assessment and consideration.