The New Bird Watching Sidekick, the Bird Buddy

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Do you love nature? Maybe you have a fascination for birds and the many different species that fly within your area.

So many of us have different loves and interests and for bird lovers, it can be hard to catch all the different species that fly above us. Now we can catch them all without having to worry about spending hours outside with the Bird Buddy.

The Bird Buddy is your new best friend when it comes to bird watching. As a smart bird feeder, the Bird Buddy is constantly filled with birdseed at a level perfect for all species to swoop down and take a bite. With the non-invasive technology of a flat non-flashing camera, the Bird Buddy takes a gentle photo of your new flying friend, sent directly to its partner app on your phone.

There are many other benefits to the Bird Buddy that make it the perfect bird feeder for you.

Key Features

By connecting directly to your phone, the Bird Buddy notifies you when a new bird comes to peck at the treats left for them. You don’t need to be on constant bird watch and you can let the Bird Buddy do all the hard work for you.

Not only do you get the new high resolution photo of the bird, but it encourages learning amongst the little ones or even yourself about new species.

The best part about all the new knowledge being learnt about birds, is that more people will understand the movement patterns of birds, as well as learning the knowledge to understand the birds and protect them better.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

The Bird Buddy a brand new way to encourage others to learn about birds but also a brilliant way to foster your own interest and knowledge whilst growing it. With little effort needed and no time needing to be taken out of your day, if you are interested in birds at all, look into the Bird Buddy as your new sidekick in bird watching.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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