Rock Dock Natural Stone Charging Dock – charges your phone and looks natural, dock and charge your phone with just one hand, it works with any USB port and is made with real upcycled granite and hand-gathered beach stones.

Phones are attached to all of us these days, but the chargers and docking stations often look unsightly. With Rock Dock Charging Dock you can charge your phone easily, and use a charger that looks cool and blends in with natural décor. 

If you want to easily charge your phone and are sick of unsightly cords and cables, this is the product for you as it blends in with any décor in your home. 

Rock Dock Natural Stone Charging Dock offers a lot of features that are not available with other charging stations. 

  • Works with any USB connection 
  • Phone stays upright so you can easily see any notification or email you receive
  • Soft-feet so it can rest on any surface without damaging the surface

No other charging dock on the market offers the same features as this one, and you will not be disappointed with your purchase.

Buy the natural charging dock today, and say goodbye to hideous phone cords and chargers!

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