If you are looking for a pen that is sleek, durable and fit for any place or purpose, then the Bastion Bolt Action Pen may be something just up your alley.

Designed with a steel casing and a bolt action release mechanism for the nib, Bastion’s new pen will be perfect for anyone who works in rough environments whether it be scientists, journalists or military personnel.

Weighing at just 2.8oz and only 5in long, it can slip into any jacket or pants pocket meaning it can be used by just about anyone who is frequently on the move or working on the road.

To make sure the pen is both resourceful and efficient for its owner, Bastion have loaded with several features with the user in mind including:

  •  A bolt-action release mechanism makes sure that the nib moves in and out of the casing in an instant making it easy to use when you are in a hurry
  • It uses reusable Parker ink cartridges ensuring that the pen can be used time and time again without the issue of ink leaks happening on a regular basis
  • With a stainless steel body, the pen is extremely durable with it able to withstand being stood on and can be used in all types of weather all year world

With all this in mind, the Bastion Bolt Action Pen is a perfect companion for anyone who is looking to tough it out in a range of environments all year round.

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