Produce The Perfect Digital Copy With The Czur ET16

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It can be a nightmare trying to create a copy of something without getting blotchy marks and faded writing however the CZUR ET16 scanner could make these issues a thing of the past.

To ensure that it scans a page perfectly, the ET16 uses side lights on each side of the copier to display the entire page and then trace the image perfectly to ensure that nothing is missed of the final copy.

With specialist software designed to watch for any adjustments or movements when copying details, it can automatically correct any errors and rearrange them to fit the specific dimension of the page.

Key Features

The ET16 is a versatile tool that is compatible with different operating systems such as Windows (anything from XP onwards) or Mac OS (10 upwards) and can also copy pages from any size up to and including A3 paper.

Each document is scanned in just 1.5 seconds and can be produced in all major image file formats including Word and PDF formats.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

By giving the user precise and detailed copies as well as being an extremely versatile device, the CZUR ET16 makes itself known to be one of the handiest copiers and scanners available today.

Adam Lucci

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