Enjoy Pin-point Precision On Your Ipad With The Meco Stylus

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It can be frustrating trying to create artwork and edit documents on an iPad without the right tools but the new Stylus pen from Meco could help you overcome this issue.

With a 1.0mm fine point nib, the Meco stylus allows users to move across the screen with simple and fine movements making it easy to select individual spreadsheet cells or colour in small areas of a page.

It is also designed to sync with an entire range of iPad models meaning that the stylus range can work with any 3rd gen iPad onwards regardless of its size or the content on screen.

Key Features

The stylus is made from a plastic resin including the nib making it light and easy to use across the page making it perfect for anyone to use regardless if they are a child or adult

The nib itself is abrasion resistant meaning that it won't scratch the screen or risk breaking any tempered glass or screen protectors fitted onto the iPad.

The stylus is a fast charging device with a full charge taking just 1.5hours and is durable with an estimated usage time of 20 hours.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

By giving the user finer control across multiple functions, the Meco Stylus pen is an accessory that will be suited for all iPad users looking for a precise and easy way to manage content on their tablet.

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