Bring Your Art Into the Digital Future With the Danvas Series G Square Display

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Get the most out of your art with the traditionally beautiful yet innovative Series G from Danvas

If you’re looking to show off something, whether it’s an NFT, newly purchased digital artwork, or a family photo, it deserves to be shown off in the best way possible. If that’s your aim, the Series G Square Display from Danvas should be your first and only port of call. In a world in which NFTs and digital artwork is only getting more prolific and common, the days of physical Canvas and paintings are slowly becoming a thing of the past. While physical art will never go away, nor should it, a digital canvas like the Series G allows you to showcase any art you please, at any time you please. Coming in at an impressive size of 48 inches x 48 inches ( 121.92cm x 121.92cm), the Series G is unique in the world of digital frames. While you’ll have to pay for its unique size, in the art world, the price is well worth the result.

Danvas Series G Square Display NFT

With colors available in multiple colors (matte black, crisp white, or various wooden variations), each frame meets museum-quality standards, meaning Series G is made to last. If you’re afraid the digital screen may diminish the colors and small intricacies that make art what it is, fret no longer. Thanks to its microLED screen the Series G display provides a clear picture whichever angle you look at it. With no glare from any angle, the Series G provides deep, true colors and retains the artwork’s contrast. If the aim is to showcase your library of unique NFTs, the Series G from Danvas is your new best friend. Just easily connect your NFT wallet to the device to show off the artwork and its authenticity.

Key Features

Easily show off any of your digital artworks through your NFT wallet or the Danvas App. Just connect to the Series G and cast your beautiful digital artwork or NFT to the frame instantly.

Unlike most smart frames, the Series G is huge. While most similar products have a sub-20inch display or sit at around the size of a tablet. The Series G is a four-foot square that will become the pinnacle of not just your art display, but the room that it sits in. Its size and the art it showcases demand attention and admiration.

We’ve all watched TV during the day, only to have to walk around and close all the blinds or shutters in the room because you can’t see anything due to glare. While this is an issue for some smart frames, the Series G is not one of them. The digital art display from Danvas is completely glare-free no matter the angle you look at it and no matter the light level.

Enjoy the true, unadulterated beauty of your unique NFT and artwork thanks to the Series G MicroLED display that showcases the art with “rich color, strong contrast, and deep blacks”.


  • The biggest and only negative to this incredible product is the price. The fact is, this is not a product for everyone. It’s a display that only the most ardent art lover, looking to extend into the world of digital art, will enjoy. The Danvas Series G Digital Art Display is currently available for pre-order at the price of $34,500.00USD. That’s well over 50k AUD and is an unattainable price for the ordinary art lover or person. However, for what it is and what it can do, it isn’t ludicrous.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Danvas’ Digital Art Display is a truly incredible, elite product. If you are lucky enough to have a spare $35,000 spare to show off your impressive library of digital art and NFTs then there is no better product on the market. Its combination of size, quality display, frame color, and intuitive application makes it one of if not the best products in its field.

While the majority of people who read this will see it as a cool, over-priced product they’ll never think about again, if you’re in the market for a digital art display and have the ability to pay for the best there is, this is it.


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