Add a Touch of 50s Retro Style in the Kitchen with the Smeg Kettle

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Are you an avid tea drinker and love to have a stunningly designed kettle for your kitchen?

If you like having your kitchen appliances used as decor as well in your kitchen, there is no better kettle to pick up than the stunning 50’s style Smeg kettle.

This Smeg SPM55 Retro style kettle is made from premium materials, and will blend in with your kitchen decor. These Smeg SPM55 retro style kettles have a 3.7L capacity that makes them ideal for large families or busy events. The Smeg SPM55 retro style kettles come with an automatic cut off when the water has reached boiling point to ensure safe use. The Smeg SPM55 retro style kettles are also equipped with a 360 degree base which allows it to be used on any surface and the integrated stainless steel filter offers great tasting coffee every time you use it.

There are many features to the Smeg SPM55 kettle that make it the best kettle for you and your needs;

Key Features

Save time with hot water ready for tea in less than 5 minutes for quick cups throughout the day

Durable, metal construction adds to longevity of the kettle, you won’t be needing to repurchase every few months, this durable kettle will last you years

Easy to clean and maintain which helps maintain its longevity

The power switch is far away from the kettle (safety precaution) so your hands won’t potentially get burnt by drips of hot water

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Many homes have kettles now for quick cups of tea or cups of noodles and you want to make sure you have a quick working one that is durable as well as nice to look at. The Smeg SPM55 is a great choice for those who like a retro design in their decor as well as a fabulous working kettle.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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