Incorporate Elegance with the Smeg Refrigerator

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Are you building a retro style kitchen?

Many of us tend to find an aesthetic and stick to it and with kitchen appliances, the 50’s retro style is an increasingly popular design. Smeg have built an entire range of kitchen appliances to fit the 50’s aesthetic and their refrigerator is not only aesthetically pleasing, but a fabulous working fridge for any family.

This Smeg Refrigerator delivers style and efficiency in equal measure with its clean lines, smooth finish, glass shelves, and visible cooling system. Smeg’s comprehensive range of Fridge Freezers features innovative technology to ensure your food is kept at the optimum temperature for as long as possible. Meaning your tub of ice cream is going to last, well, as long as a tub of ice cream can last in a home. With a Smeg Fridge, you can rest assured that every last drop of energy is used to preserve freshness rather than wasted on unnecessary features, keeping your food perfect all year round.

There are many features to the Smeg Refrigerator that make it the perfect clean and sleek refrigerator for you;

Key Features

Offers an inviting design with clean lines and a pleasing color

Stays cool with innovative technology for all occasions

Easily incorporate into any kitchen design, retro or modern with the universal handle design

Will last through your family's growth/stages from two, to four, to even six if your family grows and grows.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

For a working fridge that isn’t just quality in its working features but in its looks as well, there is no better fridge to pick than this pastal blue 50’s style fridge from Smeg. With a well working freezer bottom and plenty of space in the top half for fridge space, there is nothing better than this Smeg refrigerator.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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